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“…one of the most enlightened, diligent and forward thinking leaders I have met in a very long time. I had the privilege of meeting Farooq during a leadership development programme and was impressed by his strong values, commitment to leadership excellence and eloquence. Farooq is one of those rare people that we sometimes meet who, by their words and actions, leave you feeling inspired and motivated.”

Barbara Armstrong OBE


My Story

Thank you for visiting my Exec Coaching page. I love helping people to achieve their full potential. If you are;

– transitioning to a new role
– wanting to be more effective
– looking for an external sounding board
– needing help to tackle specific challenges
– seeking clarity to plan career progression

I can help. With nearly 30 yrs experience in senior roles, I bring practical experience and insight to all 5 scenario’s (above) from the public & corporate sectors.

On nature v nurture, I believe in the latter. You already have the ability to manage, lead, overcome challenges… and providing you are motivated to do so, I will work with you.

Generally, I don’t work with more than 2 coaching commissions at any one time, this is so I can focus wholly on you to provide a high quality personal development experience.

Finally, the chemistry and fit has to work for both of us. If you would like to explore working with me, I’d love to hear from you and have that initial conversation to see if I am the right coach for you, so I look forward to hearing from you! 


I use a range of specialist tools to support your coaching experience with me which are inclusive (so no extra cost), providing invaluable learning and insight. Here are a couple examples based on William Marston’ DISC theory which looks at your personal factors including Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.


Assessment for all roles including senior executive positions to help support recruitment or development of existing talent. Teams are made up of individuals, each bring their own set of motivations, fears and behaviours which impacts performance, understanding how can help with developing your potential.


Sales Staff Assessment


Specialist assessment to understand the sales style of the individual and how this varies when they act and respond in a sales environment. Every Sales Leader will understand the concept of “Hunter” and “Farmer”, this assessment delves much deeper to identify traits in relation to 48 different sales styles.


years experience:

My coaching Resume

managing Talent

Leading Talent

coaching Talent

Working With Talent


SME Panel Expert


Central Govt Adviser role, chair Working Group, work to Cabinet Office.

Founder & CEO


esp Group – A better approach to partnering with clients.

Business Development Director


FTSE30 company, leading BD function in ‘New Markets’ division.


The KNOW – Leadership Programme

Common Purpose

MBA, Business Administration

Westminster Business School
University of Westminster.

MCMI (Member)

Chartered Management Institute
Professional Accreditation Body


empowering YOU


“Farooq’s coaching style is challenging, strategic, commercial focused and results orientated. He is a people person. He takes an uncompromising stand for those he coaches and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others, he will help you gain insights into your style and help you improve, making a real difference in your approach.”

AB, London.


“I am truly grateful & appreciate the coaching sessions provided by Farooq. I have progressed into a much more confident leader and learnt to draw upon my natural talent.

Not only did I have an amazing and trusted coach who was willing to share knowledge and experience, I have also gained a friend.”

JG, Manchester.

self development 



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